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Buyer guideline

buyer protection:

As a buyer you are entitled to receive confirmation of full health and that includes: 

1. A video confirmation of feeding, tongue flicking, and active movement at live time. 

2. A video of pre-boxing for shipment to ensure it was shipped in perfect health.

3. A nido test and/or vet visit before shipment and video confirmation to confirm it was indeed the same animal may be requested by the buyer. 


*Since I know the chondro being sold to be at full health...the cost of these tests shall be payed for by the buyer, unless of course the animal does not pass any and all tests, in which case, I will assume responsibility for the costs of the tests and a full refund shall be given and the transaction will be canceled unless it is the request of the buyer to continue with the sale.

Seller protection:

Anything that happens after the shipment has been successfully made, the seller is not accountable, for it is now the buyers responsibility to properly care for their animal with acceptable husbandry practices and quarantining them from the rest of their collection, as their collection may pass along problems to the newly acquired animal.


I do not accept back any animals due to not having space to quarantine new animals once they have left my quarters. However, I do offer refunds and partial refunds should something go wrong without it being a fault of the buyer.

To be eligible for any sort of refund you must follow proper shipping guidelines:

Shipping requirements: (Shipment to hub, shipping insurance, signature confirmation and a video recording of a timely unboxing)

1. Shipping must be during adequate weather requirements and must be shipped to a hub. (You can request other forms of  delivery but that will void any sort of refund you might receive if anything is to go wrong). 

2. If the animal is dead upon arrival, the buyer must have bought shipping insurance & signature confirmation so that the shipping  carrier can provide them with a refund should it be a problem from a delayed shipment.

3. I request that a video confirmation of the snake box opening happen. This way I can offer a partial refund or work out a deal if the chondro gets sick while being shipped. If the chondro is shipped dead on arrival and the shipment was timely and all the shipping requirements have been met, a full refund will be issued by me or to have that amount be credited towards a future sale with first priority over any upcoming available animal.

4. I request the buyer open their box as prompt as they receive it at the hub. That way I am made aware that the problem happened during transition of the shipment and not due to a mistake on the buyers end while transporting the package they just received.

5. Should the item arrive sick and the buyer having met all their shipping requirements, I will help the buyer and cover the required* and necessary* vet costs to aid in healing the chondro. Should the chondro not heal and die even with the treatments, the buyer will be reimbursed with half the value of the snake or have that same credit they should receive be applied any future sales/availability should the buyer choose this option. They will also get first priority on any upcoming chondros for sale until they are compensated. 


-Please do not ask for a trade. As stated above, I do not have quarantine space and have a closed collection to ensure the health of my animals. 


-I do not do breeding loans of any kind.


-I do not do payment plans but I do take deposits. All deposits to hold an animal are non-refundable. A deposit must be made of 1/3 the cost of the animal. With the deposit, the chondro may be kept on hold for up to a months time or whatever amount of time is discussed. After that point, if the buyer still cannot deliver the rest of their payment, the chondro will once again be made available to the public and the buyer will have lost their deposit unless they are able to pay their remaining balance before the chondro is sold once again.


-All shipping costs are at the buyers expense unless otherwise stated.

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